For professionals, nothing is more important than reputation. Malpractice claims attack a professional’s reputation, questioning their competence and care. Our attorneys understand the legal, technical and personal issues these claims can raise, and we have the experience to advise, defend and protect our clients against them.


Recent enforcement by government regulators and the economic downturn have exacerbated scrutiny of services provided by accounts and accounting firms. Our attorneys defend accounting malpractice claims instituted by the accounting client’s lending partners, such as the client’s bank or the client’s sureties extending credit, who have claimed injury due to reliance on allegedly misleading audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements. We also defend complex accounting malpractice claims ranging from audit services criticized for failing to identify weaknesses in the client’s internal controls, failing to discover employee embezzlement, to claims asserting that the accountants provided inaccurate, incorrect or misleading business advice, tax planning or tax advice.

Architects and Engineers

We have defended architects and engineers, as well as design professional firms in lawsuits arising out of alleged errors and omissions related to the provision of professional services on numerous types of projects, including commercial, industrial and residential developments, hospitals, universities, bridges, dams and retaining walls. The firm also offers risk avoidance counseling designed to assist design professionals in preventing future litigation.

Directors and Officers

Directors and officers operate in an increasingly difficult environment, in large part, due to the visibility of corporate scandals. When corporate management comes under attack, an experienced trial attorney is invaluable. We have counseled and defended directors and officers in a wide-variety of actions including breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, alter ego claims, as well as breach of contract actions.

Healthcare Providers

To successfully defend their reputation and livelihood, doctors and nurses need lawyers with the experience and resources to understand complex medical issues, the subtleties of healthcare, and the challenges facing those providers in their daily business. We offer a proven team of experienced professional liability attorneys and staff. Standing beside them — and with you — are also our experts: a board-certified physician and three registered nurses. More than consultants, they’re full-time members of our firm. They’re not just healthcare professionals; they are lawyers too. When it comes to serving the needs of healthcare institutions and professionals, medical malpractice defense doesn’t get any better.

The depth of our medical and legal expertise extends even to unusual specialty areas including ophthalmology and optometry. Our medical and legal bench strength helps ensure we can prepare and execute a defense strategy efficiently and effectively in practically every medical field. Our attorneys have defended doctors and nurses in claims and suits arising from almost every practice specialty.

We have successfully defended cardiologists, general surgeons, emergency medicine physicians, internists, otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, intensivists, obstetricians, urologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, family practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners and anesthetists, registered nurses, dentists, and pharmacists in suits and claims involving many types of injuries. This experience helps us helps us represent our clients efficiently and effectively in any kind of medical malpractice suit.

Insurance Brokers and Agents

When a policyholder finds that its claim for property damage and business interruption has been denied, lawsuits against the broker and agent may be made to recoup those uncovered losses. Typically, the claim is that the agent or broker failed to procure or recommend the coverage necessary to adequately protect the policyholder’s property or business. Our broad expertise in corporate and business law, insurance law and litigation makes us a “go to” firm for insurance professionals for most of their legal needs.


Our attorneys have represented many law firms, lawyers, and legal malpractice insurers throughout North Carolina. The complexity of legal malpractice involves not only typical litigation issues, but also the “case within the case” doctrine which requires an understanding of a broad range of legal disciplines and issues. We have defended firms in dozens of substantive practice areas including commercial and residential real estate, securities, civil litigation, business, domestic law and medical malpractice. We understand the toll that a claim takes on a client and are committed to providing a well-reasoned and vigorous defense, while keeping in mind the client’s personal needs, requirements and relationships.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

We regularly defend real estate brokers and agents in actions involving negligence, fraud and contractual issues in both commercial and residential matters. We understand that a real estate broker’s license, reputation, and livelihood may be at stake, and work to diligently to resolve claims if an amicable resolution can be achieved.