The firm has a proven track record of successfully defending both mass tort and class action litigation in a broad range of substantive areas, including product defects and recalls, toxic torts, and industrial explosions.

Class Action Litigation

While the defense of each and every lawsuit presents its own particular complications and burdens for the defendant, class action lawsuits and other multi-claimant proceedings can present the greatest litigation risk to businesses and employers. Our attorneys have successfully defended class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts and our reputation as a firm of experienced trial attorneys enhances our effectiveness in this area.

Environmental Torts & Mold Contamination

Our attorneys have handled individual cases and class actions in a wide range of environmental and toxic tort matters.  We have defended wrongful death, personal injury and property damage concerning air emissions, soil, surface water and groundwater contamination, workplace and residential exposures, products-related exposures, and other complex exposure matters from sudden incidents such as hazardous material releases to long-term exposures including to the presence of chemicals, mold, or environmental agents at various workplace and residential settings.

Toxic Torts & Lead Paint

Although lead has not been used in residential paints for more than 30 years, its claimed effects are still reverberating in the courthouses of this state. Since the 80’s and 90’s, North Carolina’s local health departments have been vigilant in screening young children for blood-borne lead. What began as a public health effort is now a springboard for litigation. Our attorneys have the experience, gained through our defense of property owners and rental agencies, to combat claims of exposure, causation, and liability.

Drug Liability

Aggressive marketing by national plaintiff’s lawyers has resulted in a series of mass claims against pharmaceutical companies for alleged defects in their drugs or their labeling. We have served as local counsel for several pharmaceutical companies defending against these claims in North Carolina. We are familiar with the issues and procedures involved in these cases.